The Electronic Drum Programme for Children

This course is specifically designed for beginners from the age of about 10 who want to learn to play the drums for their own pleasure and enjoyment.

We teach all modern styles of music, e.g. jazz, rock, blues and pop, and use fun and easy courses that help children learn to play the drums quicker than ever before.

  • Special features of the Drum Programme at Jacob's Music Room
  • Step-by-step approach: simple lessons to get a student playing straight away
  • Music notation and sufficient technique to get the student going
  • Lots of tunes in all the popular styles
  • Solid drum beats, songs and fills to use in these tunes and beyond

  • More information about the course
  • Lessons are delivered weekly, either on an individual basis or in small groups of no more than 3 students of similar ages and abilities
  • The programme is taught by skilled and experienced instrumental music teachers who have been CRB checked
  • Teaching takes place at our studios

There is no need to bring any equipment to lessons as we provide the instruments needed.

For practice at home, students can hire an electronic drum kit from Jacob's Music Room at £25 per month for three months.

Teaching drums in Maidtstone Kent
Teaching drums in Maidtstone Kent