The Keyboard Programme for Children

This course is specifically designed for beginners from the age of about 6 or 7 who want to learn to play this popular music instrument for their own pleasure and enjoyment.

We use electronic keyboards to deliver this step-by-step teaching programme which initially uses the same teaching material as the Piano Programme, and shares its aims.

The focus is on developing basic musical skills, specific keyboard techniques, theory relating to the music being played, increased rhythmic security and guidance with musical interpretation and improvisation.

  • Special features of the Keyboard Programme at Jacob's Music Room
  • Step-by-step approach: the teaching material is organized over several modules of suitable material to assist the student in gradually developing the special keyboard skills needed for solo, ensemble and band playing
  • Special emphasis is placed on gradually extending the student's range of notes and note values, as well as the introduction of chords and basic chord progressions
  • A wide range of popular musical styles help develop musicianship
  • Emphasis is placed on developing the skill of improvisation and the student's grasp of notation by letting them write down their own compositions

  • More information about the course
  • Lessons are delivered weekly, either on an individual basis or in small groups of similar ages and abilities
  • The programme is taught by skilled and experienced instrumental music teachers who have been CRB checked
  • Teaching takes place at schools or at our studios

There is no need to bring any equipment to lessons as we provide the
instruments needed.

For practice at home, students can hire a keyboard from Jacob's Music Room at £12.50 per month for three months.

Piano Lessons in Maidstone in Kent
Piano Lessons in Maidstone in Kent