Music Tuition for Children

If you are looking to start learning a musical instrument - one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do - then you've come to the right place!

With our expert tuition and unique approach, it is now possible to learn more quickly than ever before and experience the joy and satisfaction of making music.

We have an inspiring and fun approach to music teaching that instils a lifelong passion for music.

Jacob's Music Room offers several courses for beginners who want to learn to play one of the instruments we teach.

  • Benefits of learning music
  • Making music is a social activity and the ability to play an instrument opens doors to meeting others and making new friends.
  • Being able to express your feelings through music provides you with an important outlet and a focus.
  • Learning to play an instrument is so much FUN, accompanied by a huge sense of achievement.
  • Some studies suggest that music lessons provide children with important developmental benefits beyond simply the knowledge or skill of playing a musical instrument.
  • Research also proposes that music lessons build self-esteem and improve discipline which in turn may enhance intelligence and academic achievement.
  • Music study develops skills that are necessary in the workplace. It focuses on doing, as opposed to observing, and improves a student's ability to communicate and cooperate.

When most of one's basic daily needs are met, the challenge is to find meaning in life and to reach for a higher stage of development.

Childrens Music Lessons in Kent
Childrens Music Lessons in Kent