Jacob's Music Room

Jacob's Music Room

Inspiring children through inspired teaching

Taster Courses In Piano

Jacob's Music Room

Outstanding results in developing musical skills

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Welcome to Jacob's Music Room

Where children & adults learn to play the Piano for their own pleasure & enjoyment

Specialist tuition, incorporating the latest techniques and teaching methods, inspires students and instils a lifelong passion for music.
Lessons are delivered weekly on an individual basis.

Effective eye-hand coordination, dynamic contrasts, rhythm, tempo, muscle memory and logical fingering

The aims of the courses at Jacob's Music Room

To give students the opportunity to express musical ideas and feelings by harnessing their creativity, imagination and intuition

To develop musical skills, knowledge and understanding through:
  • Developing a good instrument-specific technique
  • Recognising the differences between the musical elements of pulse, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, texture and tone colour
  • Developing a personal response
  • Interpreting and communicating the character of the music
  • Playing pieces in a variety of styles with understanding, expression and fluency
  • Preparing for performance in front of an audience at music festivals, exams and concerts
  • Preparing students for scholarship auditions
Taster Courses in Piano
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Exam results in Piano
Exam results

Students learn to play pieces in a variety of styles with fluency, expression and understanding