The Piano Programme for Adults

This course is specifically designed for beginners who want to learn to play the piano for their own pleasure and enjoyment.
The step-by-step teaching programme of piano music includes a wide variety of styles.

For practice at home, students can hire a keyboard from Jacob's Music Room at £12.50 per month for three months.

Special features of the Piano Programme at Jacob's Music Room

  • Step-by-step approach: the teaching material is carefully organized into units that cover the major concepts and skills
  • The pace is a realistic one that challenges without overwhelming
  • Essential keyboard techniques include good posture, arm weight, rounded hand shape, relaxed wrist, light hand bounce and finger independence
  • Development of basic musical skills and rhythmic security, as well as guidance with musical interpretation
  • A wide range of well-loved classic and popular melodies from around the world is included, as well as jazz and blues favourites

Jacob sets out to develop a suitable technique as well as general musicianship