Taster Courses in Piano/Keyboard, Electric Guitar & Electronic Drum Kit

These short Tasters have specifically been developed to inspire and generate an interest in music making amongst youngsters for Piano/Keyboard from the age of about 6 or 7, and for Electric Guitar and Electronic Kit Drum from the age of
about 10.

The courses have been successfully implemented over a number of years and have consistently triggered a surge in enthusiasm for music making, resulting in a marked increase in demand for regular tuition on these instruments.

How can learning an instrument benefit my child?

Making music is a social activity and the ability to play an instrument opens doors to meeting other people and making new friends. Being able to express your feelings through music provides an important outlet and a focus. Learning to play an instrument is so much FUN, accompanied by a huge sense of achievement. Some studies suggest that music lessons provide children with important developmental benefits beyond simply the knowledge or skill of playing a musical instrument. Research also proposes that music lessons build self-esteem and improve discipline which in turn may enhance intelligence and academic achievement.

Length of the Taster Courses

Each Taster is carefully structured to run over a period of three weeks. We meet once a week for a session of exciting tuition, performance and discussion on a one to one basis or in small groups of students of similar ages and abilities.

To reinforce and speed up the learning process and ensure a smooth and hassle-free start to these Taster Courses, all practice equipment is provided FREE of CHARGE

Piano/Keyboard Taster: 
Students take home a workbook and a keyboard to practise on

Electric Guitar Taster: 
Students take home a workbook and an acoustic guitar to practise on

Electronic Kit Drum Taster: 
Students take home a workbook, drumsticks and practice pads to practise on

Our aims with these Tasters

  • Cultivate a lively interest in music and music-making as a worthwhile, enjoyable and lifelong hobby.
  • Assist students in choosing which instrument they most enjoy and which will be the most suitable to their needs.
  • Forge a link between learning experiences in the school classroom and the specialist instrumental tuition students receive during these Tasters.
  • Cultivate a desire to continue with music lessons after the conclusion of one or more of the Taster Courses.

The benefits of group tuition

  • The excitement of learning to play an instrument is increased through the infectious enthusiasm of the group.
  • Shared experiences help generate a faster learning momentum.
  • The confidence and discipline that comes from working in a group is invaluable for performing in school and public concerts.
  • Lessons are more affordable.
  • One to one Tasters will be arranged individually.

More questions answered

Where will these Tasters be presented?
They will take place at your child's school, as soon as permission to run them has been granted and a suitable starting date has been agreed with the school. The lessons will take place on a weekday afternoon at a convenient time after school.

Structure of each Taster
Each Taster runs over three weeks and consists of three lessons. The FIRST LESSON is FREE, after which students have the option either to register for the remaining two lessons of that course or to withdraw from that specific course and, if they wish, try another one or both of the remaining Taster Courses.

What are the learning outcomes of these courses?
With our special teaching methods, the student will be able to perform several pieces and, in the case of the drum kit, rhythmic patterns.

Moving forward after a Taster Course
Students can continue with lessons at our studios or a suitable venue at their school, either on an individual basis or the more affordable option of group tuition. It is not necessary to buy an instrument at this stage: students can hire an instrument from Jacob's Music Room for three months.

Who are the teachers?
We employ very skilled, professional and enthusiastic CRB-checked music teachers with several years of teaching and performing experience on their instruments. Teachers might sometimes be assisted by a keen and knowledgeable, CRB-checked teaching assistant.

Our unique tradition 
Parents are welcome and are encouraged to sit in on lessons to witness their children's development and enjoyment.

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Tuition Fees for the Tasters

Three lessons for the price of one:
Individuals: £18 per student
Groups: £15 per student

Advance payment of fees is required.
All equipment must be returned after the completion of a Taster Course.
If any equipment is lost or damaged, refer to the Instrument Hire Agreement.

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Guitar Lessons in Maidstone