Taster Courses

Taster Courses in Piano

These short Tasters have been developed specifically to inspire and generate an interest in music making amongst youngsters for Piano from the age of about 5.
The courses have been successfully implemented over a number of years and have consistently triggered a real enthusiasm for ongoing music lessons.

How can learning an instrument benefit my child?

Making music is a social activity and the ability to play an instrument opens doors to meeting other people and making new friends. Being able to express your feelings through music provides an important outlet and a focus. Learning to play an instrument is so much sheer fun, accompanied by a huge sense of achievement.

Some studies suggest that music lessons provide children with important developmental benefits beyond simply the knowledge or skill of playing a musical instrument. Research also proposes that music lessons build self-esteem and improve discipline which in turn may enhance intelligence and academic achievement.

Jacob's teaching covers all modern styles of music , e.g. jazz, rock, blues and pop, to comply with the requirements of the graded exam system of the RSL [Rockschool]

Length of the Taster Courses

Each Taster is carefully structured and runs over a period of three weeks. We meet once a week for a session of exciting tuition, performance and discussion on a one to one basis.
To reinforce and speed up the learning process and ensure a smooth and hassle-free start to these Taster Courses, all practice equipment is provided FREE of CHARGE.

Piano Taster

Students take home a workbook and a keyboard to practise on

The aim of these Tasters

  • For the student to assess the studio environment and Jacob's teaching style
  • For Jacob to assess the student

A unique tradition

Parents are expected to sit in on lessons to observe and share their children's development and enjoyment. This will also enable them to offer the child vital assistance with practising at home. The parent must become an active partner in the child's new endeavour with their wholehearted support during the daily practice sessions.