Welcome to Jacob’s Music Room

where children & adults learn to play the Piano, Keyboard, Electric Guitar & Electronic Drum Kit
for their own pleasure & enjoyment

If you are looking to start learning a musical instrument - one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do - then you've come to the right place!

With our expert tuition and unique approach, it is now possible to learn more quickly than ever before and experience the joy and satisfaction of making music.

We have an inspiring and fun approach to music teaching that instils a lifelong passion for music.

Our music studios are equipped with first-rate teaching instruments and students do not need to bring any of their own equipment to lessons.

Lessons are delivered weekly on an individual basis, as well as in small groups of students. Group tuition is generally more affordable and can speed up the learning process.

• Lessons for children take place at convenient times after school, and all day Saturday and Sunday
• Lessons for adults take place at convenient times during mornings and early evenings

The aims of all the courses at Jacob's Music Room

To give students the opportunity to express musical ideas and feelings by harnessing their creativity, imagination and intuition

To develop musical skills, knowledge and understanding through:

  • Developing a good instrument-specific technique
  • Recognising the differences between the musical elements of pulse, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, texture and tone colour
  • Improvising, composing and developing a personal response
  • Interpreting and communicating the character of the music
  • Playing pieces in a variety of styles with fluency, expression and understanding
  • Practising, rehearsing and performing music with others, e.g. in concert
Music Lessons in Maidstone, Kent