Music Tuition for Adults

It's never too late to start to learn a music instrument. Very often it is only in adult life that a person has the determination and is prepared to put in the necessary practice to make music a really worthwhile and satisfying hobby.
Jacob's Music Room offers courses specifically designed for adult beginners.

Benefits of playing music

  • Music provides a creative outlet that balances work life, family life, and personal time
  • It is a social activity that builds self-esteem and enhances confidence
  • Music promotes creative thinking, collaboration, social skills and expressive communication
  • It provides a way to be involved with others who share similar interests
  • Music helps one stay mentally active, vibrant and sharp, while lowering stress

Although work and other obligations often get in the way of life, taking music lessons will be the first, positive step in reclaiming time for oneself, and nurturing the creativity and boundless confidence that made us happy when we were children.

Students learn to play pieces in a variety of styles with fluency, expression and understanding